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Surgery, joint replacement, Cox-II Inhibitors, NSAIDs…all the way down to Glucosamine. All of these are viable options, and some are more appropriate depending on the extent of the damage that has already occurred. Glucosamine is the one exception in that it is employable at ALL stages to both encourage joint health as well as to encourage maximum flexibility. Even if you do not have creaky joints now, a daily regimen of liquid glucosamine would do wonders to help prevent further problems down the road. Only your doctor can tell you if expensive medications or surgery are right for your arthritis pain, but liquid glucosamine has been shown for decades to be an inexpensive (under $1 a day verses hundreds a month for some prescription drugs) as well as an effective discomfort-reducing dietary supplement and cartilage rebuilder. It also has been shown to have far, far fewer side effects than the dangerous and potentially harmful NSAIDs and COX-II drugs. If you have not tried a liquid glucosamine yet, I strongly suggest you start one today.

Liquid glucosamine not only can help stave off the effects of joint discomfort, but it does wonders when it comes to easing stiffness and improving flexibility. Clinical studies show that it works at least as well as NSAIDs (temporary pain relievers such as aspirin or ibuprofen, or some prescription drugs) and in many cases works far more effectively, with no long term side effects. Liquid glucosamine is completely natural and it has been scientifically and clinically tested in a wide range of studies for several decades now. As you may know, Glucosamine already exists in small quantities right now in your joints. As the human body gets older, its ability to produce glucosamine slows. Supplementing your body with liquid glucosamine, and giving yourself the building blocks you need to repair your joints helps to correct this imbalance by enabling yourself to take control instead of merely masking your pain. The bottom line is that liquid glucosamine helps to promote healthy joints, ease discomfort, and rebuild cartilage.


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