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FlexicosePlus User Testimonials:

What Our Customers Are Saying

Rich P.

I have extolled the virtues of Flexicose to numerous friends, relatives and acquaintances. My physical therapist spoke highly of Flexicose and, at his suggestion, I ordered my first supply. I have been very satisfied with the results.

Allison C.

I recently adopted a 10-year-old black lab mix. She was found on the side of the New England Thruway, presumably hit by a car, frail and in pain. Now that she is on Flexicose, I have weaned her off of the medication that the Vet prescribed and she is doing great. She doesn't shake, she runs, and she's loving life. Casey and I thank you very much!


I am a 47-year-old police officer with a knee injury acquired during 9/11. I was slowly losing the ability to play sports as I would be in too much pain for the next two days. Flexicose is magical! I have resumed my athletic schedule with a vengeance. I can now play whenever I feel like it, with only moderate soreness the same day. The next day I am back to normal. I literally feel like I'm in my late 20s again.

Dr. Dennis, Chiropractor

I am very pleased to report that I experienced immediate results using Flexicose. My stiffness and pain have been nearly eliminated and my mobility has greatly improved. I am also impressed with the innovative bottle design. Each dose is easily measured to drink directly from the bottle.


I cannot believe that Flexicose actually worked! I am 73 years old and have had severe back pain for 4 years. I literally could not walk with out two canes. After only three days of Flexicose, I am able to walk with no canes and I can easily get out of bed in the morning. That has been an almost impossible thing to do. Flexicose has brought me to life again. Thank you so much!

Carol R.

Our cat, Callie, is leading a normal life with many thanks to Flexicose. She was in horrible pain with arthritic hip joints and was looking at possible surgery and continued steroid shots. Callie responded to Flexicose so well that within 2 weeks she was almost back to her old self. Callie began bouncing around like "Riccochet Rabbit" and continues to do so. Many thanks for such a great supplement!!

Brenda C.

The pill form of glucosamine can pass through your body so quickly that you can still read the imprint on the pill. Yikes!! So I gave Flexicose® a try. Now my knees don't grind when I walk up stairs or ache like they used to in the morning. I will probably take Flexicose® for the rest of my life because of the alternative if I don't.

Tracy L.

My sister-in-law told me how much Flexicose® helped her dog. I didn't know what to expect, and didn't have high expectations, but wow! My dog is doing so much better. I honestly thought she might not have much time left. I can't believe how great she is doing.

Cindy C.

I have two plates, three rods, and fourteen screws in my spine. All titanium. I absolutely feel better physically taking Flexicose®. Thanks for a great product - one I feel confident recommending to my friends and family.


My ten year old pit bull no longer limps and is acting like a puppy again. He no longer gets sore after runs. You can definitely tell that he is happier and pain free. Honestly, you have extended the life of my pet, who is a huge part of my life. I have already recommended Flexicose® to others.

Andrew L

Ever since I began using Flexicose ®, I never had another flare up and my knees have felt great. There was about a 5 month period that I stopped using it and I started feeling soreness in my knees. So, I am convinced that Flexicose® works and I intend to keep using it.

Trace H.

Having exhausted other options for years to manage my chronic shoulder pain, I tried FlexicosePlus and I am back to my regular workout schedule.

Julienne M.

I’ve been taking FlexicosePlus for over 2 years now and I wouldn’t be without it! If I forget to take it, my body reminds me.

Richard P.

My knees were like barometers that did a better job of predicting the weather than the local weatherman. I began using FlexicosePlus at the suggestion of my physical therapist. The relief is nothing short of amazing!

Les J.

My wife has been using FlexicosePlus for about three years and is much improved in her shoulder joint pain. When she has not taken it, the pain returns immediately. My son is using it now, and being a 20 year retired veteran who was in active airborne and armor combat in both Desert Storm and Iraq, he has acquired a number of joint and reoccuring stress fractures in one foot, and he is using it to try to give relief and correction to the stiffness and pain. My mother-inlaw, who bought the third case of FlexicosePlus is very happy with it after using it for about six months. Her results have been good for an eighty two year old person.

Marlene, USA

I knew that something had changed significantly when in only 11 days after I started using Flexicose, I found that I could go down the stairs in a normal fashion. I had not been able to do that for months because my knees hurt so much. I will definitely continue taking Flexicose.

Rita A.

I am a runner and I was surprised at how well Flexicose increased my joint mobility. I took a bottle of Flexicose to my doctor and he was impressed with the ingredients and advised me to stay on this product.

Andy H.

I started giving Pet FlexicosePlus to my dog after she started walking on three legs because of so much hip pain. After a few weeks she started to improve and after a couple months she began walking on all fours. I can't say enough about this product. Surgery was way too expensive. I can honestly say that this product has let my dog live a longer and happier life!

Ann B.

My 13-year-old Shorthair was having trouble standing up from a lying position. She could no longer jump on the bed. Pet Flexicose is making an improvement for her and her movement.

Lynne K.

Our veterinarian told us to give our dog Jake Glucosamine. After a few days of Pet Flexicose, Jake now runs and jumps without any problems.

Christine H.

My 5-year-old Labrador retriever has been on Flexicose for two months with a wonderful results. He has arthritis of the elbow and had trouble running, walking or playing. Thanks to Pet Flexicose he is no longer on painkillers prescribed by our veterinarian.

Mari B.

My mixed-breed 35 pound dog Beamer had an intermittent limp and was favoring his right front leg. After a few days on Pet Flexicose he was like a new dog. His limp became less and less, he was able to run downhill without a problem and his overall mood improved dramatically!

Robbie K.

My dog had been limping on her front right leg and after giving her Pet Flexicose for about a week the limping went away. There is no sign of any problem with my dog. I intend to give her Pet Flexicose for the rest of her life. I decided to give my dog Pet Flexicose after a recent story on the Today show. They had the oldest living dog (21-years-old) and the owner said the only supplement she gave the dog was glucosamine daily. So, I'm going to do the same.

Deb K.

I have four dogs on Pet Flexicose. It has made a BIG difference in their mobility. The two oldest dogs, (both AT LEAST 16 yrs. old), climb the steps faster than they have for quite a while. All seem to get up from their naps less stiff than before they began their Pet Flexicose regimen. I am ordering more today!

Amy W. - PA

Pet Flexicose is an excellent product that gives our 14-year-old black Lab mix significant relief from her arthritic hips. There is no doubt about the improvement in her flexibility and movement since she started taking it. She still runs around, up and down stairs, and can even jump up on the bed :-). Also, our vet checked the Flexicose website and told us that the formulation is the best for bio availability. Additionally, I want to say that DTC Health has the best customer service I've ever encountered. They respond promptly and courteously and really go out of their way, even fulfilling special shipping requests.

From Amazon Verified Buyer:

This is a phenomenal product! It helped my knee problem tremendously when nothing else was! I no longer need it on a regular basis and am certain it helped my healing process. Now, my husband is using it for a shoulder injury and his recovery is processing nicely. Hope this product is always available and that the company does NOT change the formula!

Shelley - Amazon Verified Buyer

Love this stuff, was a buyer for several years about 7 years ago for my Aussie. She was on this for several years during her 17 year lifespan, and it made a tremendous difference in her movement and comfort. She would dutifully lick it up every day before her meal, I could tell she didn't really like the taste, but she compelled herself to drink it - as if she knew it was helping her. When I would run out, I would notice a difference in her, even though she never went longer than a week without it. Now I have a new Aussie, she just turned 8, and though she has shown no signs of arthritis, I decided it was time to put her on it since I knew it made such a difference. My mother was also a buyer and she said she noticed a tremendous difference in her hip pain and arthritis and she had already been taking glycosamine supplements before she started the flexicose. The only disadvantage to this product is that it seems kinda expensive, but then it is MUCH better than any glucosamine supplements.

Michael - Verified Amazon Buyer

I have cartilage damage in both knees from wrestling in middle school and high school. I took Flexicose for 3 months with regular, therapeutic exercise and noticed significant improvement in the smoothness of movement in my joints and reduced joint pain. I hadn't done squats in 10 years and I was able to do them 2-3 times per week! I evangelize this product whenever I get the chance!

K.H. - Amazon Verified Buyer

My dog has hip dysphasia and without flexicose I'm not sure she'd be walking today. She loves the taste and I noticed a difference within a week.

R. Robinson

This product is excellent for dogs and for humans. Because it is a liquid and the ingredients are in a form that is easier to digest, the dosage is much smaller than other forms of Glucosamine/Chondroitin and it has MSM, Hyaluronic Acid and other ingredients that work synergisticly with the glucosamine and chondroitin. It is all natural and flavored with Stevia. The bottle has a handy measuring reservoir built in so there is no measuring. We have used it before with another dog and noticed a difference in her arthritis. I have a friend who swears by it for the arthritis in his knee.The formula is the same for animals and people but the different labeling indicates the correct dose for the species. I am not sure about the "pleasant flavor" but the dose is small so it is tolerable. I just pour it on my dog's food and she eats it with no problem. I highly recommend this for dogs and people.

Patrick S.

I purchased two bottles of Pet FlexicosePlus in September 2017 for my 12-year-old chihuahua. She was suffering from Patellar Luxation on her front leg, and would stumble every 10 steps or so on walks. After using Flexicose Plus for several weeks, I was amazed to see this stumbling had virtually disappeared. Now, during a 15-20-minute walk, she will not stumble at all or maybe just a handful of times. I am sold and will continue to be a customer. This product works!

GW - Amazon Verified Buyer

I ordered some Flexicose for my elderly, arthritic cat who has been on it for many years. The package from DTC Health arrived, but the Flexicose was missing, the package was tampered with in the mail! I contacted the company and was immediately offered a replacement bottle at no charge, and it arrived within just a few days. Excellent customer service and product!


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