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Arthritis Pain Management: Gentle Hand Exercises

Low-impact exercises are crucial to assist in arthritis pain management . The following are suggestions on how to minimize arthritic hand pain during computer use and best practices for lifting and moving heavy objects. These will be followed by a wonderful, gentle exercise that focuses on the hands.

Tips for Minimizing Arthritic Hand Pain

  • Rest your wrists. When working at a computer, make sure that you always rest your wrists. Your arms should be relaxed at your sides with your elbows always at a 90° angle.
  • Lift with your strongest muscles. When lifting heavy objects, lift with your strongest muscles and use the palms of both hands and your arms instead of your hands alone. Always avoid clenching your fists.

Daily, Gentle Exercise: Hands

Step 1: Place both hands palms down on a table, counter or any other flat surface.

Step 2: Slowly and gently bend each joint to make a loose fist. [Note: Never make a tight fist with your hands.]

Step 3: Hold your loose fits for 3-5 seconds.

Step 4: Slowly and gently straighten your fingers to an open position.

Step 5: Repeat at least 3 times daily. Increase as your comfort level increases.


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